Look Your Absolute Best – Your Wedding Hair & Beauty Monthly Countdown Guide Right Here!

Hydration is the Key

So much to do, so little time! As a bride-to-be, you’re probably getting all kinds of advice about what beauty treatments to do, and when to do them, in the lead-up to your wedding. Let our team of experienced experts put your mind at ease with this definitive countdown to the big day:

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One Year Ahead:

Drink Up! Time to get that “inner glow” and start hydrating! No amount of moisturizer can replace consistent H2O intake, so give yourself a daily goal (most doctors recommend drinking around 2 liters per day). Not a water fan? Try spicing it up by choosing seltzer or adding some fresh fruit.

See Your Skin Doc. Check in with your dermatologist to get an idea of where your skin is now. Some treatments take time to show full results, so make a game plan with your doctor to have your best skin ever for the vows.

9 Months Ahead:

Exfoliate. If your normal skincare routine doesn’t include exfoliation, now is the time to sneak it in. Removing the dead skin layer gives your face a healthy glow, and allows skincare to absorb more deeply. Pick up a gentle scrub or gentle fruit acid treatment and use it after cleansing, 1-2 times per week.

Condition. Hair looking a little parched? Now is a good time to start a weekly deep-conditioning mask. You can also add a couple of drops of argan oil to your regular conditioner for a nourishing boost.

6 Months Ahead:

Book Your Trial. This date can vary, but we usually recommend having your hair and makeup trial 4-6 months before your wedding date. 

Pick a Color. Make an appointment with your stylist and choose your hair color for the big day. Showing pictures from your trial can be a big help for strategically-placed highlights to enhance your chosen style.

3 Months Ahead:

Scrap the Chap. Keep your lip balm handy, you’ll thank us later! Consistently moisturizing your lips will ensure the most smooth, even lipstick application. Extra dry? Try scrubbing with a mixture of coconut oil and raw sugar once a week.

Nail It. Give your nails some love by scheduling regular mani’s. This will keep your hands and cuticles in tip-top shape, and make sure your nails are strong and healthy. Throw in a mini massage to beat the pre-wedding stress!

2 Weeks Ahead:

Lose the Roots. Head back to the stylist to touch up your color/highlights.

Get a Facial. Now is the perfect time to pamper yourself, and to make sure your skin is glowy and radiant for the wedding. Any sooner, and you risk redness.

Say Cheese! Head to the dentist for a bleaching treatment, or pick up an at-home whitening kit for a dazzling bridal smile. Most kits take 2 weeks to show full results.

The Week Of:

Tame Your Brows. Book your final brow shaping 3 days out to avoid any redness on the wedding day.

Fake Bake. If you’re a spray tan fan, go to someone you trust 2 days before the wedding. Be sure to rinse 8 hours after application.

The Day Of:

Catch Some Zzz’s. We know, it’s hard! If it’s at all possible, though, you should try to get some rest the night before your wedding. A good night’s sleep helps skin retain more moisture and elasticity, and reduces undereye circles and puffiness.

Do a Calming Mask. One last skin treatment can really make a difference on your wedding morning. Look for a sheet mask with soothing ingredients like chamomile, cucumber or pomegranate to bring down any stress-induced redness or inflammation.

Leave the Rest to Us! After all that hard work, you’ve earned a little R&R. Miss Harlequin’s team of artists will keep your wedding day beauty prep running smoothly, and make sure you look and feel fabulous all day long. How easy is that?

Cati James, Senior Artist, Miss Harlequin Makeup & Hair

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