Kanami J –


Lucy styled me for our April 16, 16 wedding. I had several styles that I wanted to try so she did several different styles for trial. I didn’t have specific style that I want to have. So it was helpful to get counsel what is good on me from professional makeup stylist. I asked her a lot of questions since I don’t have knowledge of wedding hairstyles and air-brush makeup and I know it was really pain in the butt to explain each little thing. But she explained to me every details and made me comfortable to decide all the things.

On wedding day, I was still deciding between two styles. I asked her that if I can try two styles in two hours before my wedding. She never said no. I really appreciate her effort to make someone’s special day to be more special. Price was really fair. I liked air-brush makeup and eye makeup. You don’t wanna have drag queen makeup, but you wanna have glamorous eye makeup. She did magnificent job for that.

If you have specific styles for your wedding, you should choose Lucy. Because she is remarkable makeup and hair stylist who can do better job than others.

If you don’t know what is good on you or you want to discuss to find your own style with someone who has experience and knowledge, you should choose Lucy. She would tell you everything and you would find perfect look on your wedding.